Twitter Interview with Pete Best

Following a Twitter Q&A...

You said in an interview once that John Lennon's harshness was just for show, what was the John you knew like?

I felt that John's harshness was a safety mechanism. He didn't like to let people too cluse, but if you were as I was close to John, there was a very soft side to him. A caring side.

What's your favourite ice cream flavour and cupcake toppings?

Sorry, not really keen on sweet things. I couldn't say.

How did Neil Aspinall get involved with The Beatles?

Neil was a Casbah member. He become a very close friend of the family. Neil and my mother fell in love and were together for eight years, a relationship which produced my younger brother Roag. Neil was studying to become an accountant. He was short of cash and we needed a driver. I asked if he would like to drive The Beatles and he said yes.

Hey Pete, we really hope that you might do UK tour, playing and answering questions. Any future plans for that? We'd love to see you!

I will be doing the odd show in the UK next year. My website will have the details of the shows as they are confirmed, so keep an eye out!

What Beatles track is the one that you most wished you played on?

All of them! Ha ha!

Why did you turn down Rory Storm and The Hurricanes?

I had been with the number one group in Liverpool. I didn't feel Rory Storm and the Hurricanes was an option. Sorry Rory!

How was your relationship with Stuart Sutcliffe?

I had a great relationship with Stuart. He was a quiet man but when he had something to say it was worth listening to.

Isn't it about time someone made a film of your story? I'd love to see that :-)

Yes, so would I...

What is your favourite memory of being Beatle?

Too many favourite memories. It was a wonderful time, full stop.

Can you play to a click track?

I have on a number of occassions, especially when we were recording Hayman's Green.

Did you realise just how big the Beatles were going to be while you were still with them?

We knew we were going to be big in the UK. We always had that belief, but what followed none of us could have imagined that!

How did you feel when you were replaced by Ringo?

I was upset. It made no sense at all. The rumours that followed about my drumming were very hurtful. I liked Richie. I have no gripe with him at all. He was offered the best gig in town. He would have been a fool to turn it down.

Hayman's Green is a great album. Do you have plans to do another one?

Thank you and yes, but when, who knows? Not me!


  1. James Morrison  30 October 2012 at 23:47:24

    My favourite Beatles time was the Hamburg years. It must of been so hard when you met Astrid at the airport to find out about Stu's death. Do you think the recording of 'Love me Tender' released in 2011 on iTunes, is really him?

  2. Sloppy Tomson  22 November 2012 at 01:53:30

    Hey, Pete! I still want to know about The Atom Beat, or The Atomic Beat, or whatever you called it. Was it a loud straight four on the kick drum, or was there more to it? Please comment. Please explain. Drummers everywhere want to know. Thanks!

  3. Humberto Rios  22 November 2012 at 23:24:17

    I would like to know what songs you played or were in the way of finishing when you were let go from The Beatles ( we all know about love me do and I saw her standing there).

    Thanx !

  4. Peter Abraham  29 December 2012 at 23:56:55

    Hi Pete,

    If Paul McCartney were ever to contact you and say "Hey Pete lets for old times sake do an album/gig together-no questions asked about the past,let by gone's be by gone's-would you go for it???
    Perhaps a tribute to the Hamburg years or something like that?
    Keep up the good work love your website.

    Regards Pete Abraham

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  7. Karen  03 May 2013 at 05:40:50

    I just came across this site, glad you are still around! I would love to see a movie made about you...You're an important piece of the puzzle.

  8. bronxbull  08 September 2013 at 20:31:54

    I took drum lesson 1964-65 because I looked up to you ... I really dig all your music

  9. mike cord  25 September 2013 at 09:01:34

    I met Pete once or twice when he came to my mothers house in Chirkdale St, Kirkdale, Liverpool. He was a friend of my step-brother. Sadly, I found him to be a very depressed looking and quiet sort and not much of a socialiser. I went to the Cavern to see them after they had returned from the States and was disappointed with their session due to Pete's drumming which speeded up and slowed down irratically throwing the rest of the group out. It was a mess. Talking with Tommy Mcguirk later he told me he was unhappy and was thinking of quitting the group.
    The Cassbah was a dismal place with sad-looking spiders webs painted on the walls to make it look trendy. I only ever went there once. If this was Pete's house then I can understand his depression.
    Over-all, I recall a miserable guy sat silently by my mothers fire never speaking to anyone. He came and went and never left much of an impression. Probably grieving over lost opportunities.

  10. Eijaa  02 December 2013 at 05:56:47

    I reckon "I'm gonna knock on your door" is better than any of of the Beatles songs.

  11. Athos  30 December 2013 at 06:41:46

    Hi Pete,
    My heart goes out to you, as it has for years now. I recall seeing you on David Letterman many years ago, and Dave quite seriously and gently expressing sympathy for you at the end of the interview...with none of his typical irony or sarcasm. Before that, I was a huge Beatles fan, but your story really moved me, and I've gradually stopped listening to their music over the years, because of the bad taste left by their treatment of you. By 1965, when they were getting the MBE award and were rolling in money, set financially for life...and you were broke and attempting suicide...they should have at least taken up a collection to buy you a house or something; they wouldn't have even felt it financially by then. The fact that they didn't do anything like that is simply astonishing to me. They must have known how incredibly hard their success would have been for you. John, the political progressive who cared so much about the world...all you need is love, etc...except he somehow didn't care or show love when a close friend got his life ruined and ended up in poverty. George, the sensitive spiritual one, clearly full of charity...but what compassion or charity did he ever show to you? Why didn't his guitar gently weep for your ruined life, even to the tune of a phone call to see how you were doing? It makes no sense to me. And Paul, the quintessential family man...well, he sure didn't seem to care about his old Hamburg "family" like you, Pete, did he? He saw your prospects destroyed, and he just "let it be." (Until thirty years later, when they needed you to sign off on "Anthology.") Paul seems like the nicest of them all, so I'm doubly astonished that he never came forward to help you out during the dark days of the '60s and '70s...especially because I think he ended up being the richest of them. He could have tossed you a hundred thousand pounds before breakfast and never felt it. And, Ringo...the fact that he never offered you any percentage of his Beatle earnings is particularly baffling to me. Did he not see how lucky he was? Did he really believe that the Beatles would have failed with you in the drummer's seat? How could he, of all people, not have felt terrible about what had happened to you? He got by with a little help from his friends, all right...while they were ignoring their former friend and Hamburg brother named Pete. And I also can't believe that they never helped your poor mother, who did SO much for them early on. Why didn't they set her up in a new nightclub or something, and show up there with their rock star friends a few times to make it hip and a success? It would have been so easy for them. Again, I simply can't understand it. On the other hand, the way you've handled yourself and managed to bounce back is truly inspirational, Pete. You hit absolute rock bottom, then came out of it to build a family and a career...and finally return in a sort of late-bloomer triumph to the music scene. I'm in awe of how you came back from the edge...and I'm a fan of YOURS now. If you ever come to my town, I'll definitely come to see you play. Your story is the Beatle story I'll tell my kids...a story of overcoming tremendous odds and doing it with maturity and quiet dignity, working day-to-day, year after year, with no accolades or headlines. Stay strong, Pete, as you have all these years. You have my admiration and my respect...and that of many others as well, I'm sure.

  12. Jackson Hart  08 January 2014 at 23:02:28

    The Beatles may have mellowed with age somewhat, but they've certainly left the impression they were pretty ruthless buggers in their youth. Ken Brown's story, and yours, are testaments to that.

    It's become clear they weren't happy with their "chemistry" with you, not even letting you know that Decca had turned the group down. You couldn't fit a nail file between the difference of Ringo's and your percussion abilities.

  13. Nick  10 February 2014 at 21:24:31

    Why were you not at this( ridiculous)Tribute show in the US..?
    There are only 3 living Beatles,why was one not there..?
    You should have been on drums doing Twist & Shout ..and Ask Me why..

  14. Rick Carpenter  21 February 2014 at 17:22:40

    Hey Pete,

    I have to say that in interviews with you that I've read or seen, you are always a soft-spoken, gracious man who harbors no ill will to the Beatles, or anyone in the organization. A good drummer I have played with, Bruce Amato, met you while he was in the UK some years back and he has spoken highly of you, both as a person and a drummer. Whatever circumstances have been, you have shown yourself to be dignified, and appreciative of your role in the amazing story of the Beatles. I have respect and admiration, as many others do, for your role in rock n' roll history, as well as the person you are.

  15. blackbird87  27 May 2014 at 09:35:58

    Hello Pete how are you doing? I would love to converse:) peace!

  16. Boogey man  06 November 2014 at 21:44:15

    Karmas a bitch Pete....

    In your next life, you are going to be exactly like Elvis. Well, whatever the equivalent would be at that point, haha!

    You have a HUGE KARMA PAYMENT COMING, my brother. May you enjoy it when it happens in the next life...

    Don't worry.

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  18. Sloppy Tomson  24 January 2015 at 05:15:16

    Hello, Pete! What was the Atom Beat, or the Atomic Beat, that you invented? Please explain. Drummers around the world want to know.

    Are you touring? Several years ago, I planned to see you in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. But you cancelled the gig. Are you ever coming back? Cheers!

  19. Eric Strauss  14 July 2015 at 16:22:23

    I just was thinking about how vastly different the Beatles' history might have been had they stuck to their guns and refused to let Pete go. For one thing, the movies wouldn't have featured a hapless Ringo getting into and out of trouble, but probably would have focused more on Pete than the others. I do doubt that Pete remaining in the group would have prevented their eventual breakup, but maybe, with circumstances being just slightly different, perhaps John would never have met Yoko, or never decided to move to New York. He might well have lived on into the 90s and beyond and given Paul a run for his money with his solo records. Just a thought.

  20. Jack E. Rohde  17 July 2015 at 03:48:45

    I have read a lot about famous people and the Beatles, it aint what it's cracked up to be, look at Elvis, after a while he couldn't wait to get out, by faking his death or dying, God bless you Pete, you were really the luckiest Beatle after all !

  21. Debbie Reitmulder  22 July 2015 at 07:07:15


    Hi! how are you? It has been quite some time now that I haven't seen you in the States touring. Are you still touring? I saw you play twice and I really enjoyed myself and so did my husband. I really wish you would come to the Western New York, USA area again soon.Hope all is well and hope to see you in concert again real soon.

  22. Watkins Harp  01 August 2015 at 19:09:27

    Hi Pete, To me, the real sound of the so called "British Invasion" was the Liverpool groups of the early 60's. Music that was played with feeling, with passion, and the joy of making great music. You inspired so many musicians all over the world. Here in Canada we did everything we could to our hands on the records of those bands. The dream of my band Watkins Harp is to one day play the Casbah and have you play drums with us. cheers Pete,

  23. sloppy tomsomn  04 November 2015 at 03:35:28

    Are you still alive? If not, sympathies to your family, very sincerely.

    1. If you are alive, will you please respond to your fans? You have my email. Please answer my question: What was the Atom Beat or the Atomic Beat, that you say you invented?

    2. I played at the Cavern Club a couple years ago, but now I learn that your original Cavern was across the street. How does the new Cavern Club compare with the original.

    It would not hurt you to answer. You have a couple of fans, still. We would like to hear from you.

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