Twitter Interview with Pete Best

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You said in an interview once that John Lennon's harshness was just for show, what was the John you knew like? I felt that John's harshness was a safety mechanism. He didn't like to let people too cluse, but if you were as I was close to John, there was a very soft side to him. A caring side. What's your favourite ice cream flavour and cupcake toppings? Sorry, not really keen on sweet things. I couldn't say. How di...

Interview with Pete Best

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What's your favourite Beatles song? "Out of all of them I'd have to say 'I Saw Her Standing There'. It reminds me of our sound and my time with The Beatles. Do you still keep in touch with Paul and Ringo? Unfortunately not, but the door is always open! If you could have been in any other band from the start which would it be? I was in another band. They were called the Blackjacks and they were great! Do yo...

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